Velvet Blueprint Progress

It’s getting there! I’m pretty familiar with the whole visual coding aspect so I think everything is just me trying to understand what each node does. It’s mostly me making a sentence in my head and trying to get it working with the logic in the engine.

unreal progress_5

Character Blueprint

unreal progress_6

Chest Blueprint

unreal progress_1

Fire Attack System

unreal progress_2

Fire Particle System

And now everything makes sense to me! I’ve already gotten a prototype with basic controls for the interactive done so now I’m also learning on how to interact with other objects and whatnot.

unreal progress_3


unreal progress_4

Chest Interaction


Animation Sheet! + “Signature pose”

So here’s the animation sheet more or less. Should give me a basic idea as to how I would animate the princess during the second semester.

animation sheet P1.jpg

I will continue to expand on it some more in the future. In the meantime, I will be making an illustration with a “signature pose” of them, or at least a picture with them in full body proportions and I’ve already gotten some sketches down.

I’ve had some sprite animations in head and good thing I found them, otherwise they would haunt me for the rest of my life (or at least the weekend).


So this semester, we will giving ourselves a brief, effectively giving us full agency on what we would be wanting do. While not much has happened last week, I already have a good body of work that I have created in my end. I was challenged to do a more semi-realistic style so I was practicing it in the summer.

style testing

I like the dresses as well as the blond horned character so much that I decided to make my whole project based of her.

I intend to make a full game character of her, with animations and cloth simulation implemented. The story I have in my head for her is that she is a dragon princess that woke up in a forest with all of her powers forgotten. So as you go through the game, she starts to (re)learn her powers again, essentially a Metroidvania puzzle-platformer character.

I’ve produced some moodboards to illustrate my point.

moodboard real-life

Dress Moodboard


In-media moodboard

moodboard gameplay

Gameplay Moodboard

I drew up some more concepts from the initial idea and experimenting with the dress design. I know that I want her to have a long bottom-heavy dress, a corset, and an implementation of dragon scales.

It’s a very big endeavour so I intend to make the 3D model in Maya in my second Semester as my Major Project. This Semester, I will focus on making high quality concept art.