Finishing up Model and backgrounds

Finishing up the model to UV, I just need to add the sash and then UVs


While this was happening, I also drew backgrounds for the screens in-game.

Along with that is a mock-up of the shop with some basic UI.

shop carpet mockup.png


A Shift

Now that most of the main elements of the game are implemented, it’s now the little embellishments and details that will be focused on.

I drew a background that can be used as well as some hills, clouds and fog for parallax.

While that was happening, I added extra lines to my character model.

Promotional Art, Modelling and Animation frames

The FaceBook Page and Twitter is now going live with its first post introducing our thief Rubio as well as the guards.


I also have sketched some frames and a logo that will be handed over to the Art Lead to be lined. It’s very fun and interesting to try and get animated.

With that, I have also started modelling the head and body of my character. Getting their face to look right was a bit of a challenge and this was the first time I have ever used image planes and referenced from them. I think I have quite a bit of work to do!



Moodboards, Moodboards, …

…and more Moodboards!

I know that for my Character, I want to do something along the lines of idols. As for the genre, I’m thinking of something along the lines of a electronica/disco Serenader like Gloria Gaynor, or Power Rock with her being the main singer.


I also really want to design my character around them having Vitiligo. I find that it would really interesting to learn how to draw the viewer’s attention to the face.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As for the thief character, they still need a bit of ways to go but I am narrowing it down and am aiming to get a final concept done by the time the Tech team need to pitch theirs. A possible model sheet would be great as well but the concept art is the thing I absolutely need to be done with.


With that said, the outsourcers have some landscape moodboards that they can use to look at and to start concepting props for and to get used to the style of the game.

Here I go again…

on my own… (except not really)

New semester, new briefs.

One module is Digital Practice where we get to make up our own brief and to finally do what we want to do. This is the brief where I really push myself in my skills and to really find the thing that I want to do.

I know that I want to do Character Art, specifically aimed at Figures.


Moodboard on Character Figurines

Character Design is and has always been my forte and I want to make a good product to the best of my abilities. While my skillset is bit unorthodox for what I am aiming to do, I have to and want to deliver my best for this project and I can’t afford to set aside a chunk of time to learn or better my skills at a program I am not comfortable with.

Whereas in Computer Games Development, we team up with the programmers in the Computer Games Technology course to make a game according to a theme along with the first years of Computer Games Art as our outsourcers. The theme for this semester is endless runners and we already have made some progress from both the artists and the programmers side and it shows some good potential!

All in all, this semester is going to be a challenging one.