Wrapping Up

Alrighty so, the possession power and projectile power gameplay itself is complete.

The statue is complete.

The pushing of the block is complete.


I think overall, I learned quite a lot in the course of 2 months about Unreal. I feel like I did a lot more work than I needed to do but I don’t think having 6 weeks of absolutely nothing is a good idea either. I wanted Velvet to a game character and I said that if I had time, I would put it into Unreal so I think this is an accomplishment, all things considered.


Attacks Progress + Updating Assets

I kinda got the telekinesis/grab power working.

Okay not really. It’s really finicky and honestly, it doesn’t work very well in a 2D sidescroller environment. It works best when it’s a First-Person game or the player can move in all directions.

After a bit of chit-chat with some pals, we both came to the conclusion that the way the grab works is that once an object overlaps another, it would be eligible to grab. I wasn’t sure how it would work until I found out that Unreal has a possession option.

So now Velvet can possess statues. I’m thinking of it working like the Dominion Rod in Zelda: Twilight Princess or the Command Melody in Zelda: Wind Waker.

So once Velvet possesses a statue, she can’t use her powers and once any damage is taken or she forcefully returns control, she goes back to player character.

unreal progress 3

Also changed up the effects a bit for something way better. Also also, the monitor on my computer is a little bit different than the monitors at Uni so I’m a little bit sceptical. A little spooked by the possibility that the results might end up being different on another screen. Regardless, I hope it all goes well.

Velvet Blueprint Progress

It’s getting there! I’m pretty familiar with the whole visual coding aspect so I think everything is just me trying to understand what each node does. It’s mostly me making a sentence in my head and trying to get it working with the logic in the engine.

unreal progress_5

Character Blueprint

unreal progress_6

Chest Blueprint

unreal progress_1

Fire Attack System

unreal progress_2

Fire Particle System

And now everything makes sense to me! I’ve already gotten a prototype with basic controls for the interactive done so now I’m also learning on how to interact with other objects and whatnot.

unreal progress_3


unreal progress_4

Chest Interaction

It’s been a while. – UPDATE-


Just wanted to make an update on the progress of Velvet the Dragon Princess (yes, she finally has a name now).

So I went through quite a bit of trouble to get my character into Unreal. Some of the animations were being exported but not others. And now that I’ve animated and exported it into Unreal, I’m slowly getting it work like a playable character in Unreal. This is more of a bonus than anything because the primary focus is on the character and getting her personality to work.

That personality thing is also quite something I had to think about because when I drew her, it was mostly focused on the character design and her relationship with the game more than anything else but not on her actual personality. With this one, I decided that she would be kinda bratty because of her being raised as royal and is emotive and expressive but understands when to stop.

ani ref

Right now, I’m more worried about getting the character to work in engine than anything else because I’ve found a way to export my character and cut out the unnecessary steps needed to export my animation.

I’m hoping to get the Blueprint done so that all I need to do is get the animations tweaked.

A Shift

Now that most of the main elements of the game are implemented, it’s now the little embellishments and details that will be focused on.

I drew a background that can be used as well as some hills, clouds and fog for parallax.

While that was happening, I added extra lines to my character model.

Promotional Art, Modelling and Animation frames

The FaceBook Page and Twitter is now going live with its first post introducing our thief Rubio as well as the guards.


I also have sketched some frames and a logo that will be handed over to the Art Lead to be lined. It’s very fun and interesting to try and get animated.

With that, I have also started modelling the head and body of my character. Getting their face to look right was a bit of a challenge and this was the first time I have ever used image planes and referenced from them. I think I have quite a bit of work to do!



Moodboards, Moodboards, …

…and more Moodboards!

I know that for my Character, I want to do something along the lines of idols. As for the genre, I’m thinking of something along the lines of a electronica/disco Serenader like Gloria Gaynor, or Power Rock with her being the main singer.


I also really want to design my character around them having Vitiligo. I find that it would really interesting to learn how to draw the viewer’s attention to the face.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As for the thief character, they still need a bit of ways to go but I am narrowing it down and am aiming to get a final concept done by the time the Tech team need to pitch theirs. A possible model sheet would be great as well but the concept art is the thing I absolutely need to be done with.


With that said, the outsourcers have some landscape moodboards that they can use to look at and to start concepting props for and to get used to the style of the game.