Progress on “PROJECT:Dragon Princess”

Have done further images for the character.


Make-up of the clothes


Will be making further character sheets!



So this semester, we will giving ourselves a brief, effectively giving us full agency on what we would be wanting do. While not much has happened last week, I already have a good body of work that I have created in my end. I was challenged to do a more semi-realistic style so I was practicing it in the summer.

style testing

I like the dresses as well as the blond horned character so much that I decided to make my whole project based of her.

I intend to make a full game character of her, with animations and cloth simulation implemented. The story I have in my head for her is that she is a dragon princess that woke up in a forest with all of her powers forgotten. So as you go through the game, she starts to (re)learn her powers again, essentially a Metroidvania puzzle-platformer character.

I’ve produced some moodboards to illustrate my point.

moodboard real-life

Dress Moodboard


In-media moodboard

moodboard gameplay

Gameplay Moodboard

I drew up some more concepts from the initial idea and experimenting with the dress design. I know that I want her to have a long bottom-heavy dress, a corset, and an implementation of dragon scales.

It’s a very big endeavour so I intend to make the 3D model in Maya in my second Semester as my Major Project. This Semester, I will focus on making high quality concept art.

UVs, Basic Texture and Game Assets wrap-up

Wrapping up assets, I co-ordinate with the outsourcers and provide any help when needed. I do worry about them sometimes.

There is also the main menu animation.


Also a quick name change from Name Pending Games to SpaceCorn Studios and have therefore changed all the social stuff accordingly.

spacecorn studios iconWith that, the idol model is finished, has been UVd and am now applying basic and polishing up the textures and the UVs along the way.

A Shift

Now that most of the main elements of the game are implemented, it’s now the little embellishments and details that will be focused on.

I drew a background that can be used as well as some hills, clouds and fog for parallax.

While that was happening, I added extra lines to my character model.

Promotional Art, Modelling and Animation frames

The FaceBook Page and Twitter is now going live with its first post introducing our thief Rubio as well as the guards.


I also have sketched some frames and a logo that will be handed over to the Art Lead to be lined. It’s very fun and interesting to try and get animated.

With that, I have also started modelling the head and body of my character. Getting their face to look right was a bit of a challenge and this was the first time I have ever used image planes and referenced from them. I think I have quite a bit of work to do!