Rigging (and Texturing (3/3))

We’re getting there.

Oh yeah, textures.


UVing and Texturing (2/3?)

Got the hair, eyes, mouth, and back-piece UVed and applied a basic textures!



Face still needs work.

Now it’s just the body that needs to UV’d and then everything else is just textures and materials from here on out. I’m more or less 25% through the entire project. Once the textures are done, it’d be 50%, rigging 75% and animation will be the last and final thing along with importing the model into Unreal with cloth simulation.

UVing and Texturing (1/?)

Oh boy. Just placed some basic textures to make sure everything was okay.

They are very vibrant and I’ll consider toning it down and doing some more detail work on the textures once it’s all done.

UVs are also getting increasingly more and more difficult. The only thing left to UV are the hair, eyes, mouth, and the rest of the body. I think will tackle the hair first but who knows…

Getting her hair done (1/?)

Just checking in with her hair!

Just needs the back part and some more refining on the clothes. Then, to textures!¬†It came out way better and I am surprised by the speed that I am making this model. However, I am worried about the rigging part, especially with the cloth simulation in Unreal. Oh well, I’ll cross that bridge when I get there!