Moodboards, Moodboards, …

…and more Moodboards!

I know that for my Character, I want to do something along the lines of idols. As for the genre, I’m thinking of something along the lines of a electronica/disco Serenader like Gloria Gaynor, or Power Rock with her being the main singer.


I also really want to design my character around them having Vitiligo. I find that it would really interesting to learn how to draw the viewer’s attention to the face.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As for the thief character, they still need a bit of ways to go but I am narrowing it down and am aiming to get a final concept done by the time the Tech team need to pitch theirs. A possible model sheet would be great as well but the concept art is the thing I absolutely need to be done with.


With that said, the outsourcers have some landscape moodboards that they can use to look at and to start concepting props for and to get used to the style of the game.


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