Texturing 1/?, Lighting and Redesigning the Gun

Redesigned the Gun to be more tailored towards RIGS.


gun redesigns


final redesign

I decided to go a little deeper into the science behind a Nitrogen Plant. To simplify, the air is filtered and compressed, cooled down through a heat exchanger and condensed into a liquid with fractional distillation, which is then transferred to the tank in the gun. During “MIST & FOG”, they go through a vapouriser and releases a vapour but in “ICE & SNOW”, it shoots a constant stream of LN. “TEMPEST” is the full power skill on I&S and “NIEFLHEIM” is the full power skill on M&F. Names might change later on.


I also made a blockout for that as well.

Texturing walls and the furniture. I pretty much finished modelling every major part of the room, now the rest is just ornaments and such and I also exported those. All that needs to be done now is just texturing on Substance Painter. Now I’m just trying it out, see how it transfers and such.

With that, there is also lighting in Unreal. While I’m familiar with all the terminology used for lighting, I still need to learn where to apply it. Again, animated features have a bad habit of not showing exactly where the light comes from so I had to make adjustments and couple assumptions. I may decide to make this a scene during the night, perhaps the Blizzard before Christmas. I think I can get some interesting angles with those.


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