Rooms, Shaders and Substance Painter

I thought I’d give Substance Painter a shot while I learned about the Shaders in UE4. The whole application of shaders and their graphs is rather intuitive and simple to understand. It’s fascinating to see the change in materials just by how they certain values affect the look of the material. Since it’s a layering system like Renderman, I aim to have as little UV sheets as possible where I can.


While all that happens, I have Substance Painter installed on my computer and decided to give it a whirl. Substance is also another very useful tool in your Arsenal. It basically lets you create the normals, textures and everything else in real-time.


Painting Mode


Rendering Mode

With that said, I made quite a bit of progress in my room. I also found some more inconsistencies in the movie as well as some more objects and ornaments placed around the room. I’ll stick by what I said about working in the Christmas timeline.




Fireplace, Sofa and Lamp

And with that, here’s the full concept of the gun. I call it the Cryogenerator.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It takes in air through the vents that it has and strips Nitrogen from it. Then through compression,  liquefies it and fills the shells with the Liquid Nitrogen. I wanted a weapon that refills over time. Of course, once you use up all your ammo, it reloads all of the shells. It’s a weapon that demands strategic shooting and planning, like a support/defense weapon should.


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