Mo’ guns, mo’ rooms, mo’ movin’

I decided to start over my rig. I wasn’t particularly happy with it and while I did that, I also learned how to rig with a spline IK handle for my tail. Surprisingly very easy. The Outliner looks a lot less intimidating now. At this point, the only thing that needs to be done is cleanup on the switches.

While that was happening I decided to look at some reference photos for my gun because the setting had an F1 atmosphere.

While new cars certainly are definitely what I’d think of, I decided to look at more bulkier cars, as well vintage cars and monster trucks. I really wanted to make a weapon that was more of a defensive and support oriented and I think making them more bulky can give that tank-y look, which is ironic because monster trucks are associated with excess and destruction.

To finish, I added more props as well as sculpted some more in Maya for the room.

Right now, I’m under the mindset of making half of the props and mirroring it to the other side with some final adjustments and tweaks. Once I’ve gotten those down, UVing along the way.


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