Rigging and Importing

Most of Week 2 was about refining the details on my furniture, just laying down the basic shapes, as well as learning how to import said furniture into Unreal.

I was surprised by how friendly the UI looked and didn’t take into consideration the jungle of code that went on behind it. I was also deathly afraid of how it would run on my computer at home but so far, Unreal has been nice to me.

Learning how to rig as well and while it was very much the same a good chunk of it, some of the steps are a bit different, such as creating the joints in a straight line and rotating them into place. You’d also create legs and and arms first before creating the root bone. Another process that is slightly different from mine but I tried implementing it and it gave the same result. With that done, I just need to create IK joints, bind it to the mesh, paint its weights and it should be ready for animation, another thing I’m familiar with but will wait until the lesson.

While that happened I updated the textures as well as added a couple more loops on the hands. I also moved some UV vertices for the eyes.


Fixed UVs

I’m really proud of those eyes.


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