Startin’ up again

New Semester, new things. While I am familiar with rigging already and have made a model specifically for the purpose of animating it, I will wait till we get to the rigging lesson. In the meantime, I will focus on optimising my model for a bit and texturing it.

While that is happening, the Brief 1 of of the Main Module is focusing on bringing assets from Maya into a game engine and creating a playable levels and such out of it, with the focus on bringing it into a realistic style. I decided to go for the living room of the married couple in Disney’s animated film, 101 Dalmatians.


Since it is animated, I will need to reference or recreate the furniture and bring it into a realistic setting. I was already able to get my hands on the Floor plan and I blocked out the main set pieces on Maya.


I am concerned about though is how in the animation, perspective is sometimes warped to create interesting shots and it suffers from having no ceiling to see. Another thing I am concerned about is how the layout of the furniture is slightly inconsistent in the movie.


For example, the TV is by the armchair when the dogs are watching TV and further into the movie where it does a time-skip to Christmas, the TV is at the other end of the room and opposite it is the Christmas Tree.

To remedy this, I am basing my room during the time when the dogs and pups arrive home around Christmas. Because there and then, you could see a good majority of the room. As for the ceiling and the artificial lights, I’ll have to make things up along the way and use my eyes regarding perspective.

This room is definitely going to be a challenge but since most of the furniture is man-made, it’s mostly a matter of accurately modelling the furniture.


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