Rendered out the Composited Trailer and Finished the Illustration

After rendering out again the Maya project to create a clearer Alpha channel and applying some more tweaks after a diffuse problem rendered out again, I colour corrected the whole movie to have strong vibrant colours but sharper shadows and highlights.


I’m amazed by the amount of steps one would have to go through, especially considering how finicky the node system can be. I can’t say I’m particularly happy with the final result I got when I rendered out the movie clip. I know that if I had to do this again, the first thing I’d do is settle with a smaller model and an easier footage to break down so that it’d be faster to render.

With that, here is the final illustration for Brief 2. It’s mostly just colour correction, hue and saturation with some Gaussian blur as well as cutting it a bit on the length.

illustration l


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