Tweaking Colours + Glowing Patterns

I felt that some of the colours were inconsistent with each other or at least they just didn’t work with each other (eg. the armour was more saturated than the other pieces and was the same colour as the scarf). While I was at it, I decide to make some maps so that only certain parts of the armour would be metallic. Same went for specular.

In hindsight, I could’ve use the Renderman Layering that I learnt this week but I won’t be putting any layers like dirt and such any time soon. I might have to extend the scarf a bit more or add more edgeloops.

One of my friends had an idea of making the patterns glow. I used different environment bgs, I played with the exposure and temperatures and have yielded some very interesting results. I also notice some of the glow bouncing off onto the sword.

The cool angle and the cinematic shot are definitely my favourite renders.


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