Overcooked and Furniture: Progress in Maya

I remember making a base for the head of the Overcooked character that I made and I just had a lot of trouble starting it out.

Today, not only did I finish modelling the character, I also UV’d it. Now I’m just adding details to the model because I am still under 1000 polys, probably because most of my work was done by extruding and not adding more primitives. The only primitive I added in and just change the size and overall shape was the sphere for the nose.

While I finished my UVs, I went back to my Furniture and added the textures I was using.

overcooked chara progress 6

Doing some texturing

render 1

A Render in Mentalray.

They still look ugly and I just took a photo of some textures like the fire blanket. I also think I should take some better photos, especially of that table. It’s very light reflective, it even reflects a bit off the red wall so I’ll have to change some conditions when photographic it. Now I have to resize the textures and work with it a little more.


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