Steampunk Prop and Overcooked Character Progress

I have redone the UVs for the steampunk so that it fills a lot more space and I can do more.

Now that I have a new UV map, I will be texturing that.

While that is going on, I did some Concept Art for Overcooked. I learned that it can be just any character so not just a chef but also a background character.

I went for a Biker or Greaser character. I called him, “Pompous Maximus”. He has a pompadour and he’s bombastic (pompous). Getting a colour scheme down was very difficult. I even considered the tint of his pilot sunglasses as well as potential accessories.

colour schemes.png

Thankfully, I got a colour scheme down as well as a turnaround of the character.

character turnaround 2

The general point of this character is character who distracts the servers of the restaurant.  Can’t wait to model this character!

Bonus Art Dump



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