ZBrush Prepwork

Okay, it looks like I changed my mind as to whom I’ll be modelling. I’ll be modelling the PK!

Character Colour Narrowed Down

I’ve spent a lot more time on her than anybody else, so I think that’s the most appropriate course of action. Not only that, I just can’t let go of the rune design on her cloak.

Character Sheet

It’s also a lot simpler in design than the Witch Doctor. Cloak, tunic, pants and flat shoes, compared to the Witch Doctor who has the leather dress with markings and a furry overlay, leather boots, and the fur head-gear with skull mask and a fang necklace. It’s definitely a lot more shapes with less detail compared to this character design which has less shapes with a lot detail.

I also made some prep work for ZBrush.


A simple turnaround. I wanted to portray this character as someone who has a very doll-like/robotic behaviour but has a vicious personality. Human but not quite there (Uncanny Valley). She isn’t necessarily creepy but would raise a few red flags if you paid attention to her. I might make a base in Maya using primitives and work from there on ZBrush, specifically on texturing and other minute finishing touches.


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