ZBrush and Concepting

We learned more with ZBrush, specifically on sculpting a face and adding eyeballs.

Meanwhile, I got into concepting the second character. I have a finished design and am now experimenting with colours. I’m making a Player Killer character, someone that just kills players and harasses them for whatever reason (usually Loot or dominance). I guess you could consider them a “villain” but it is one way to play Elder Tales (the game referenced in Log Horizon) despite it being technically a violation of Terms.

Purple is the first colour that comes to mind when I think “bad”. Not Black, Purple. The one on the far left is the main design. The rest are copies that have went through Hue/Saturation Option on Photoshop and the last one is inverted.  I just realized that the runes kind of looked like the Primal versions of the Pokemon Kyogre and Groudon.  I also want to give them a playful but ominous personality and I think the monk staff can really help on that. You could say it’s actually disadvantageous because it gives them away but humans also tend to equate certain stimuli to certain thoughts and the first thought should be, “DANGER! LEAVE IMMEDIATELY!”


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