UVing and Concepting

Right now in the process of UVing my Dog. I’ve already done the head and the neck as well as the pressure gauge and the cloth holding the satchel together. Now, I have to do the satchel itself, the belts, the body and legs.

UVing Dog

I’m gonna be honest, I’m pretty surprised by how quickly I got into Maya. If you saw my concept stuff, you’d tell that I am very artistic. In fact, when I do my chara model, I might build a base in Maya and send it over to ZBrush to do more work.

Speaking of, some concepting on the second character.

I really like the idea of the runes on the hood or robe so I might be thinking of making a robbed character. I was reminded of the Masked Lumen in Bayonetta 2 and I generally liked Mari Shimazaki’s design. She’s a great illustrator and concept artist. It doesn’t necessarily need to be someone hooded. It’s an interesting design choice. However, I did that for Witch Doctor character so I might as well not here. I also want to use the monk staff (Khakkhara) so this character is most likely going for Shaman, maybe MP Absorption Build.


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