Base Model Finished, ZBrush Learning and First Concept Character Art Up

I finally finished the base model and am now adding detail, such as some metal slits on the dog’s head and the satchel. I also had to settle for a different tail design.

During that week, we also learned a technique called Shadowboxing. You draw a mask and the model forms according to the mask. It will be very helpful when modelling my character.

I also finished the first character sheet and will now work towards the second one.

Character Sheet Shaman 1

I think this character is more of a cross between Shaman and Witch Doctor build rather than full Shaman because of the ornaments. I, subconsciously, also took inspiration from the character Princess Mononoke, specifically her head-gear and mask. It didn’t hit me until after I drew her head-piece. The texture of the fur is quite different as I got that from Super Dangan Ronpa 2’s Nagito Komaeda, specifically on how his thick and messy hair is drawn. I just generally love the way Rui Komatsuzaki (DR’s Artists) does character art. That same type of hair also is in Yu-Gi-Oh!’s Thief King Bakura.


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