More Designs

The last post was more focused on general polearm weaponry. Here, I narrowed it down to Staffs and tried different variations of designs. I think I will definitely be going for the Druid class, a well-rounded magic-type Healer specialized in Regeneration. It pairs well with the Dwarf Race with its high Stamina and Magic Resistance. She becomes very versatile and can hold a party together.

Narrowed down Designs

First one mixes cloth and leather armour with a medieval European and East Asian Style. This is for the Melee Build, the Absorber. Whenever they attack a target, they recover Mana Points and it’s used to either heal or chain other spells.

The Second is mostly cloth-based and uses Witch Doctor Build where they use Heal over Time Spells. I thought of the traditional White Mage where there are long white cloaks. This design is also roughly inspired by the Ainu in regards to style and pattern.

The last design is mostly leather-based and uses the Shaman Build. It boils down to a secondary-Sorcerer that can heal. I based this design on the traditional shaman tropes such as animal skulls, feather and fur ornaments, etc. I might include a Mask or some sort of headgear.


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