Concepts from Thumbnails

Here are some more quick character designs that I did while listening to Mark Crilley on YouTube. I based mine from the staff/polearm and martial-art weapon wielders thumbnails in my earlier post.

I am a big fan of polearms and staffs, I like how mastering the polearm requires patience and control. It is most definitely slower than a dagger and they tend to make people look smaller but for that it gives reach. I enjoy the fluid, and sometimes graceful movements in polearm like the Naginata, the Monkey Staff (a more flexible than usual staff used in Shaolin Monkey Style Kung Fu, wielded by Monkey King/Sun Wukong/Hanuman) or the Guandao, the Khakkharra, to name a few, especially when animated (RWBY, Rooster Teeth).

It’s genuinely fascinating how a structured movement style can bring out and reflect a character’s true personality (Mugen Vs Sara, Samurai Champloo) especially if it’s a style they themselves developed or built upon  (RWBY, Red Trailer, Rooster Teeth). In fact, the general consensus when practising a martial art fist or weapon regardless in eastern countries is that they are an extension of oneself and I want to show that.


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