A Better Design

I sketched some more of the first design for the Messenger Dog…

…but as I thought about it more, the designs changed drastically.

The biggest noticieable difference between the first and second design is the legs. In the first, they’re attached to the main body on both the inside and outside while in the second design, the legs are attached soley from from the outside of the body. The second is much better in my opinion because it has more leg-room and more space for the engine.

I didn’t think about changing how the legs would work until I looked at Aigis from Persona 3 and looked at her concepts (Shigenori Soejima). Her limbs are attached but in a way that there is still for for her engine and is generally more flexible, almost like a doll, even though it’s more Sci-fi than Steampunk in design. I know I shouldn’t be worrying about it working but I’m compelled to make one that does. I think I’ll working from the newer design.


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