Intro to Steampunk Brief

Into the second brief, we learn about Maya a bit more and are tasked to do a more detailed model of a steampunk prop. My steampunk prop is a mechanical messenger dog.

They basically work in the same way as messenger pigeons except they can go through some hostile environments and they can carry slightly larger parcels.

They carry the engine in the chest and have a light on their head for dark areas. For every parcel you send, you have to pay a shipping fee. That shipping fee is not actual money but instead a specific amount of coal and water for that journey. I was thinking of the dog receiving transmissions from a main tower when sending them off. I was also thinking that these machines could be products that are commercialized and they have multiple uses for them.

I was told to look more into general concept art on machinery and the aesthetics of steampunk and see how it would work despite it being a static model. A movie that I was referred to was Robots and even though it’s completely sci-fi, I really liked how it looked.


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